The Viola Story

Ralph Viola began building as a World War II Veteran with his wife Virginia (the daughter of a World War I Veteran) in 1946. His leadership guided the company through its 50th year in 1996. Virginia continued leading through its 68th year in 2014.

Although the company is very different from the one began in their home office, today’s projects emphasize the same values that built their reputation for quality beyond expectations.

Their significant career accomplishments include:

His significant career accomplishments include:

  • Two-term appointment to the Contractor State License Board by Governor Ronald Reagan
  • Bank of America Advisory Board
  • Chairman of the Board, Associated General Contractors of California, Tri-County Chapter (founding member)
  • Vice President, Associated General Contractors of Southern California
  • Metro Chair, National Alliance of Businessmen (Presidential appointment)
  • Oxnard Planning Commission
  • Top Ten Manufacturing Plant in America 
    (McGraw-Hill, 1970: Becton-Dickenson, Oxnard, Calif.)

Virginia’s career accomplishments include:

Her significant career accomplishments include:

  • At 13 kept books for the family business after the death of her father.
  • Offered a scholarship in mathematics at Stanford University.
  • Balanced books of 4 different companies to the penny.
  • Assistance League Treasurer.
  • Received Verizon 2002 Excellence Award for Performance in the MWDVBE category.

“By understanding the needs and priorities of our client, we are able to develop the vision for a successful project. Our project managers and superintendents collaborate with architects, engineers and subcontractors to deliver high quality projects on time and under budget. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our client. Together as a team, we make projects successful one by one, year after year.”

Michael T. Viola, CEO

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Viola in 1946 on the night they
decided to found a construction company.

“Anybody can start a project. Finishing one on time
and under budget, beyond the expectations of our
client, takes real teamwork.”

Ralph Thomas Viola 
Founder 1916 – 1996