Sevilla Condominiums

Viola was presented with the challenge of working on a four story building built in 2008 with water damage possessing significant obstacles:

Install scaffolding around building perimeter containing multi-level exterior decks, metal balconies, wood trellises, and stairways; protect pedestrian traffic during demolition and construction; carefully test and remove mold, deteriorated wood framing and sheathing; cover exposed areas during inclement weather; while protecting existing finishes. Successful teamwork completed this project on time with no injuries!




  • 75,526 SF Condominium building with 46 Residential and 7 commercial units surrounding a second level Paseo podium deck with parking at grade and below.
  • Remove majority of existing lath, plaster, weather resistive barrier, sheet metal, and deteriorated wood framing or sheathing.
  • Remove finished substrate material, thresholds, horizontal waterproofing and deteriorated base flashing.
  • Mitigate negative slope at exterior balconies, stairs, walkways and Paseo areas.
  • Install new flashing, waterproofing, pedestal pavers, Saltillo tile, and concrete finishes.
  • Install new sheathing, flashing, lath, WRB, plaster, accessories, and elastomeric plaster coating.