Westlake Landmark Building Envelope Repairs

Viola was asked if interested in taking on a project faced with the unique challenges of two occupied buildings. This project required full height scaffolding around the perimeter, incorporating protection for windows and landscaping. More importantly, provide safe egress for pedestrians while using large equipment around an active parking lot.

To heighten the challenge, we had to work under an extremely fast paced schedule, include design changes and unexpected interruptions for occupant meetings. Successful teamwork brought this project to fruition ahead of schedule.




  • Remove majority of exterior lath, plaster, sheet metal copings and saddles.
  • Install new backing at control joints, primary and secondary sheet metal flashing, and flexible membrane at window perimeters.
  • Install new sheet metal copings, saddles, and high-temp flexible membrane, sealants and window gaskets.
  • Install new lath, plaster, water resistive barrier and apply acrylic finish coat.