Why choose Viola Inc. to build your important project?

How does Viola help owners, architects and developers? Utilizing technology we apply innovative construction techniques to build efficiently. Here are a few examples:

  • Providing submittals digitally means quicker turn around saving time and money. Reviewing one file reduces risk of overlooking a copy from multiple prints.
  • Generating an RFI on site embedding a photo ensures accurate interpretation of condition, therefore rapid resolutions.
  • PDF drawings can be viewed in real time by multiple parties for trade coordination / clash detection, with a report identifying changes and its author.
  • Documents can be linked to pdf files instantly to ensure plans are up to date then distributed with a few keystrokes.
  • Handling documentation digitally combined with a well trained labor force means we can build fast while adapting changes quickly.
  • 70 years of success doesn’t just happen . . . . it’s achieved!



Viola team assessing conditions at issue on a project.


Value:  delivered building successful projects together as a Team, one by one, Year after Year

Integrity:  developed through 3 Generations of Professional Constructors who don’t just talk the walk, but actually walk the talk!

Organization: of experienced and professionally educated men and women,

Leadership:   in the Industry through education, sustained community involvement and professional affiliations

Absolute:      Project Control achieved through Quality Control + Cost Control + Time Control